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To make matters worse, the To field in the Mail app only shows his first and last name, so the email address the Mail app chooses is out of sight and out of mind until I send the email and fail to get a reply in a timely manner. This method will not keep email addresses that are in your Contacts app from appearing. To remove an email that is in your Contacts, open the Contacts app on your Mac and remove it from there instead.

How to Remove Previous Recipients from Your iPhone or iPad | Sound Support

This is incredibly useful for removing unwanted people from your email history, as well as preventing inbox mix-ups with the people you send emails to. If you have an email address entered on a Contact card for someone in the Contacts app , you can't delete the address in the Previous Recipients screen.

An EASY Trick to CLEAN Your E-Mail Inbox - Apple Mail

You have to remove it from the Contact card. Share Pin Email.

Delete email addresses in Mail on Mac

An independent writer who has reviewed hundreds of email programs and services since Updated September 29, Follow these steps to clean up the auto-complete list of previous recipients' addresses in macOS Mail: If you often find yourself emailing people who have contacted you recently, but you don't need them in your contacts, you can sort by Last Used. You might want to simply delete all those you haven't emailed in, say, six months. Again, select a few lines and press Delete to remove them.

If you do this every few months, you'll find that composing emails is easier, since Mail won't suggest as many names and addresses. Note that if you have iOS devices, this information syncs with your iCloud account, so deleting previous recipients on your Mac also makes it easier to write emails on your iPhone or iPad.

A very handy and timely tip.

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  • Just used this to clean up a lot of outdated names on my iMac. Thanks, Kirk.

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