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Worse, when users run Apple's Software Update program, and roughly comparable to Windows 7's percentage of the overall PC market, but.

You can use iStats Menus to check real-time memory usage and other key performance metrics of your Mac.

2. Mac Freezes When You Open Specific Apps

It's also an app we recommend for diagnosing Mac issues. By doing so, you can quickly free up gigabytes of disk space. It's quite common that Mac freezes on certain apps, especially those poorly developed ones which require substantial system resources than they should. This happens more often while you are using heavy apps like image or video editing software that demands more system resources than other light-weighted apps.

The first yet no-brainer solution is: If it's still unresponsive after a few minutes, try force quit the application. To do this, move your cursor to the application icon on the dock normally located at the bottom of your screen. Then right click on the app icon.

How to Fix a Frozen Mac When Updating macOS

Wait until a pop-up menu displays. Alternatively, you can click on the Apple logo, select Force Quit , then highlight the app you want to exit, and hit the blue "Force Quit" button.

How to Fix a Mac Laptop Stuck on a Boot Screen

Next, check whether the app has a newer version. Bottom line: How to f ix: Open Safari, on the top click Safari Menu , select Preferences. Under the Extensions tab, select and uninstall the ones you recently installed.

It's also quite simple. This video tutorial shows how: Make sure to back up your data before you do this.

Simply click on the Apple logo, then App Store option, you'll see the number of updates available. How to unfreeze: See the Login Items tab next to Password? Here you'll find a list of applications and auto-start programs, feel free to remove those you rarely use. The first step to updating your Mac, is to download the appropriate installer. However, there may be times when this important file simply refuses to download, which makes it impossible to update your Mac.

We have a number of articles on how to boost your Wi-Fi signal , or diagnose why your Mac is struggling to connect to the Internet. However, as a quick fix you may get positive results by moving your Mac closer to the router, or connecting to your network using an ethernet cable, which tends to result in a stronger, faster Internet connection.

  1. My Mac froze in the middle of an update! What should I do?;
  2. My Mac froze in the middle of an update! What should I do? -!
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  4. Preliminary Precautions!

In the worst case scenario, your Mac will hit a problem midway through installing a new release of macOS. For example, maybe the dreaded spinning beach ball pops up onscreen; the progress bar stalls for a worryingly long period of time, or the screen goes black. Plus, force-closing your Mac midway through a system update can result in you losing important data, so before taking action you must be certain that your Mac really has frozen. The best way to check, is to do nothing at all!

How to Fix a Frozen Mac When Updating macOS - Make Tech Easier

Finally, sitting there and watching the progress bar is almost guaranteed to make you worry that the installation has stalled, so wherever possible you should install new versions of macOS overnight, or when you can step away from your Mac for a few hours. Follow me here: This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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