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Part 2. How to Transfer Music from Mac to iPhone with iTunes Sync

Launch iTunes. Scan your iPhone for media files. Transfer your music to iPhone.

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This app scans your local music library on your Mac and adds some particular tracks by artist and name to your iCloud storage. Later you can open your Library in Music App on iPhone, pick a track and tick the option of storing the song on your device by tapping near the selected track, otherwise, you will only be able to stream without being able to play the song offline. Not all music is available on iTunes though. You have to bear in mind that some tracks, for instance on SoundCloud, are even available for download.

All in all, iTunes is an excellent tool if your like to limit yourself to music purchased on iTunes and don't crave for much more.

Transfer Music to your Mac or PC

This process is also time-consuming because you have to perform too many actions and deal with too elaborate settings just to make sure that the music is on your iPhone. It's available to VOX users exclusively and serves as an unlimited music cloud storage for all your collections regardless of their size or format. It syncs Mac and iPhone and doesn't compress or convert your audio files thus preserves the quality of the playback. Just look at this beautiful bit rate. It is important to listen to exactly what you expect.

2 Easy Ways | How to Transfer Music from Mac to iPhone with/without iTunes

For example, SoundCloud compresses absolutely everything to MP3 kbps. They do it to save space, but VOX is an unlimited cloud storage so you can have millions, billions or whatevers of tracks. You can upload and backup your music library absolutely effortlessly preserving the original quality. Follow the steps below to get music from Mac to iPhone.

Get the answer: How to transfer music from Mac to iPhone in 3 simple steps

Step 1. After your iPhone is recognized, click. Step 3. You May Like: To transfer music from Mac to iPhone without wiping existing data, please go to Part 1.

How to add MUSIC from computer to iPhone, iPad or iPod

Step 4: And choose the detailed items you want to sync to iPhone. AnyTrans breaks the limitations of iTunes and allows you to transfer music from Mac to iPhone and vice versa. Google Play Music allows you to buy music and store it on the cloud, so this means that you can share it among many devices.

How to transfer music from Mac to iPhone in 3 simple steps

However, one major limitation is that you will need an Internet connection and download another app on iPhone to access your songs. Also, you usually have to buy the music. Airmore is a convenient app that lets you connect all of your devices together and transfer files between them wirelessly. Like any other cloud app, though, one huge limitation is that you need to have an Internet connection to use it - it is wireless, after all.

Also, it requires a two-step process, since you need to upload the files to the cloud from your Mac, and then download them off the cloud to your iPhone.

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Share music with different Apple IDs: Manage iPhone media collection: It is the free trial. Back up iPhone media to local library and enjoy a huge collection. Edit iPhone music ID3 tags, like artwork, name, artist, etc. Product-related questions?