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Worse, when users run Apple's Software Update program, and roughly comparable to Windows 7's percentage of the overall PC market, but.

If you get your copy through an institution license i. If you have a product key, then install the X4.

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I believe I sent you a message asking for details based on your last post. If the workarounds above do not work, please respond to the email. I'm not running any kind of compressor, disk saver or other such software. I've tried this on all of my macs a mac mini at home, my office iMac and my brand new, practically factory stock macbook pro. I've wiped all traces of Endnote from my machine, reinstalled the e-academy license version of X4 with no beta bundle installed in Word and then attempted the 4.

EndNote X4/X5/X6/X7/X8 Mac OS X: After install no CWYW tools in Microsoft Word

Allan and others: I was experiencing the same issues you've described, and after a week on this forum I decided to call Endnote's tech support line. They were able to solve the problem in about five minutes so I would recommend that you do the same. Good luck! I'm running an University license of Endnote X4 Bld and deleted and reinstalled everything several times -- no luck. Could you please tell your developers to publish an EndNote X4 v4. Single Licenses, i. This will install the full X4.

Site Licenses, i. The application folder has been modified since it was originally installed. In this case, you can uninstall X4, download the X4 installer from your institution and reinstall.

EndNote X4 and later: Major compatibility issues on Mac OS X 10.4

Then apply the update. You need to contact your institution about the issue so that they can provide a new DMG. They will have access to the X4. If you are unsure who to contact, send me a private message with your institution's name and we will try to notify them. My school just updated the dmg file, and everything works!

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Review our frequently asked questions page for instructions how to switch to EndNote. Reference Manager databases and citations in your articles can be converted automatically. We are here to help , if needed. I am a Reference Manager 11 or lower version licensee If you purchase the full version X7 before the release date of version X8 in November , you will get version X7 delivered immediately.

Updates for Previous Versions

Contact our sales team for quotation requests and more information for Multi User licenses 5 or more licenses. Customers with exactly 5 licenses and without the need to have more than 5 licenses are also invited to contact our sales team or to buy the full version X7 in our shop and get X8 for free once released. If you have any questions regarding EndNote X7. To avoid disappointments in the future, please be aware that we only provide our excellent and dedicated support to customers who have purchased their licenses directly from us DISC bv - Researchsoftware.

Skip to main content. Toggle Navigation. How to upgrade or to make the switch. So if you are using Word you will need to upgrade at least to EndNote X4. If you are using the bit version of Word , EndNote X5 or later is recommended. More information about word processor and system compatibility is available on EndNote's website.

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If you are using OS More details about EndNote's compatibility with Macintosh word processing software and operating systems are on EndNote's website. Skip to main content. Show menu.