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Worse, when users run Apple's Software Update program, and roughly comparable to Windows 7's percentage of the overall PC market, but.

I didn't want to delve into how to create custom shortcuts because most applications provide a shortcut for the menu item. You are correct, though - users who find themselves without the keyboard shortcut can definitely create their own. Thanks, I used a lot of keyboard shortcut on Windows and now I need to get used to the Mac ones. Glad that I could help! Thanks for the iterm reference. That's actually why I came here!

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This is very possible. Roy Verrips Roy Verrips 81 1 2. This is very tedious if you're on a different language, so you have to provide the translated versions and english, since not all applications have localised strings. Take 3 fingers and swipe across your trackpad from left to right.

Logic Pro 9 to Pro X |

CharlieBronson CharlieBronson 1. Johnny Johnny 1. Restarting my Mac helped for me, I could spend hours trying to solve this: Specter Specter 1. Related 3. Hot Network Questions. Ask Different works best with JavaScript enabled.


This will be familiar to GarageBand or Pro Tools users. In this case, the track might be disabled. When the track in enabled, the button turns blue.

Creating with a Productive Workflow When Using Logic Pro X

Caps Lock Keyboard: However, we can still call it progress: Also, pressing the Tab key will sustain notes. The Escape Key: Good news, it's easy enough to re-assign in the Key Commands — the function is called Show Tool Menu.

File management has changed for accessing your own custom plug-in settings, EXS sample instruments and channel strip settings. Loop Browsing: Here are a few fixes for commonly encountered problems in Logic Pro X that should help upgrading Logic 9 users. Advanced Tools: Most professional Logic Pro X users have discovered how essential it is to keep Advanced Tools enabled for access to familiar, everyday features of Logic Pro 9.

In fact if something is acting up, especially if you're working on someone else's system, that's the first go-to place to troubleshoot. Just make sure it's enabled in preferences. Even the Edit button on the EXS24, used to access zone mapping, will go missing if not. Here are some tips for the audio engineer.

The button to adjust the waveform scale has been moved up to the upper right of the Main Window and is far more discoverable. It's just to the left of the vertical and horizontal zoom display. When audio is selected, there are now two editor tabs: With 'Input monitoring only for focused track, and record-enabled tracks' enabled, only the selected focused track will be monitored.

While these changes can seem disorientating to existing users, for the most part you should find Logic ergonomically redesigned and more conducive to an efficient, creative workflow. Be patient Logic 9 users!


Big Moves Let's start with the interface elements that have been moved. Toolbar Button: This button, to the right of the inspector button, opens and closes the view of tools beneath. Alternatively, drag under the Tools area to reveal or hide the Tools. Quick Help Button: The good news is you can hide this feature — or any Control Bar item — by Control-clicking in the Control Bar area and deselecting Quick Help in the View column. Select 'Custom' in the LCD menu within the pop-up menu.

Logic Pro 9 to Pro X

You'll now see four adjustable values after the decimal point for the tempo in the LCD display. This is another easy fix: Making Tracks The next couple of tips will help you with the channel strip and track header.

Taking Control When it comes to key commands and tools, there are few changes to note.