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However, an 'Extend Sound' button lets you turn the patch into a full Kore patch, complete with its own internal mixer. If you save a version of this patch, it will no longer be readable by the plug-in directly. As well as unifying the sound library, Kore 1. The biggest news was that NI have responded to the popular request to allow Kore to run when the hardware controller is not attached. I happily got one of my top wishes, and you can now move knobs on the controller without a big value display obscuring the rest of the settings.

Many of the controller mapping presets have been updated, and many third party plug-ins are now supported. Bewilderingly, though, despite NI having added eight Macros to Massive , they've mapped them across two Easy Access pages. There's still a long way to go to reach its potential, but Kore is making progress. You may have noticed that none of the modules has any dedicated envelope or modulation controls, only small fields under each knob. These squares are the modulation 'slots' where Massive 's numerous envelopes, LFOs, step sequencers and controllers are assigned to parameters.

The blue '4' in the Amp Mod slot indicates that modulation source four is being used to create an amplitude envelope.

Massive VST Crack Features:

This is the only default modulation mapping on blank Massive sounds. If you need a filter envelope, you must assign one of the other three envelopes to one or both of the filter frequency controls. This is done by clicking the four-way arrow icon next to the envelope of your choice, and dragging it into the relevant slot. The mod amount is set by clicking in the assignment slot and dragging the mouse up or down. A coloured ring is drawn around the knob, starting at the current position and showing the exact range and direction over which the envelope affects the parameter. LFOs modulation sources are assigned in exactly the same way, but are distinguished from the envelopes by colour-coding envelopes are blue, LFOs green.

Manual control assignments appear in yellow, and include both playing characteristics velocity, aftertouch and eight 'Macros'. Macros are now a NI standard in the post-Kore climate, allowing hands-on control of the significant parameters of a sound when playing. Infuriatingly, though, the default Massive template in Kore splits the Macros over two pages. Surely everyone would expect the Kore hardware controller's knobs to map straight to the eight Macros? Any modulation sources can be assigned to control parameters directly, or set to scale the depth of another modulator. For example, you could assign a Macro to alter the filter envelope depth.

This is done by dropping the desired control into the rightmost assignment slot of the parameter, then clicking the 'SC' label to declare it a side-chain. The small arrows under the other slots are used to choose which assignments are affected by the side-chain. Keyboard Tracking is included in the Macro section, although there are dedicated pages in the centre section for editing the keyboard tracking for pitch and filter frequency, both of which are hard-wired and don't need mapping with assignment slots. Similarly, there are dedicated velocity and tracking settings for each of the envelopes.

Strangely, there is no dedicated mod wheel source available in the Macro section. If you want to make a mod wheel assignment you need to use a Macro knob, which can then be mapped to your mod wheel via MIDI. This is probably the least dramatic of all the NI upgrades, but there's still quite a lot in Absynth 4 to keep devotees happy. For me, the biggest improvement is the graphical overhaul. The graphics are sharper and brighter, and the plug-in window is larger, making all the modules less fiddly to use. The Envelope window can even be resized like a normal window, meaning that you'll spend less time hunting around with scroll bars.

The Effects page has benefited from the make-over and now sports graphical controls instead of a list of numbers. As Absynth now employs the standardised Sound Browser, the old Main view is gone. Replacing it is the multi-tabbed Perform page, which defaults to showing global parameters, 12 control Macros, a surround panner and the new Master Envelope. This last module is a very welcome addition that scales all the Oscillator Amp envelopes simultaneously, giving you fast control over the amplitude envelope of the whole patch.

The results of the Master Envelope's delta values are superimposed on the Osc Amp graphs in the Envelope page. Talking of envelopes, any stage of an envelope can now be declared a 'step', which is displayed as a solid block and makes step-sequencing effects easier to create. A new oscillator mode, Sync Granular, has just two granular synthesis parameters Density and Scatter that do some really nice-sounding things with the stock library waveforms as opposed to samples.

It's particularly good at making natural sounds, such as bow scrapes and breath, as well as the eerie, spacious sounds that are Absynth 's speciality. The Wave editor now has a Morphing function, which lets you combine two waveforms in different ways. All the oscillators have access to an extra morph page in the wave selector. The Effects section has an improved Resonator and a cool Surround tool. This displays the the soundfield positions of the effect outputs, which can then be panned and spread in its entirety, and even rotated at a selected rate.

There is an entirely new addition called Audio Mod, which allows you to modulate or trigger other parameters based on the level of audio signals at various points in the plug-in's signal flow. The most obvious use for this is to create envelope-following effects, like a Moogerfooger pedal processor, but no doubt it will be put to much more twisted uses! Massive has four assignable envelopes, all of which can themselves be modulated at various stages by each other, or by LFOs, and so on. These are just about the most flexible, programmable envelopes you could dream up.

However, unlike Absynth 's multi-stage envelopes, that are drawn by hand using breakpoints, these take a much more useable approach. The envelopes loosely follow the tried and trusted ADSR formula, but with a large degree of precise control and a multi-shape looping stage. The Loop stage defaults to off, and the Decay acts like a traditional Decay and Sustain combined.

The Attack stage has a very welcome level control, making it possible to create smooth curves into the Decay stage, as well as traditional peaks. However, it's the Loop stage that is the most innovative. Set the number of loops from one to infinity, and the stage kicks in. The 'S Loop' knob sets the duration of the loop, while 'Level' sets the difference in level between the beginning and end of the loop.

The shape of the loop is set using the Morph controls. Two pop-up lists offer 22 preset shapes, some of which are single curves, some are like LFOs, and some are just plain nuts. Two shapes are active at any one time, and the Morph knob fades the actual loop shape between the two. In the screen shot above, you can see how the grey lines show the preset shapes, while the white line shows the actual resultant curve. Massive's versatile envelope designer. You won't be surprised to learn that there's a lot more to them than regular LFOs, and, what's more, each one can be swapped for a 'Performer' or a 'Stepper', both of which are stage curve or step sequencers.

Each LFO modulator actually has two shapes, with a crossfader for morphing between the two. I really like this feature; if you want an LFO that's in between a triangle and a sine wave, you just make one. As well as the four basic shapes, there are about 30 more to choose from, and you can adjust the phase of each just by dragging the graph. An LFO's speed, blend and global depth controls can all be modulated, and in addition to all the regular mod sources each LFO has its own simple AD envelope that can be assigned to its own controls.

This is a prime example of the wealth of features that you become happily accustomed to when programming sounds in Massive. The only addition I found myself hoping for was a display that showed the final LFO shape, in the same way that you see the final loop shape in the envelopes. The Stepper and Performer are similar concepts, but useful in slightly different ways. The Stepper is a step sequencer, which can be applied to any modulation destination. Applied to oscillator pitch it creates melodic sequences. Although it can have similar results, this is not true arpeggiation, as it's applied on a per-voice basis, and is not actually re-triggering new notes.

I'm surprised there isn't an arpeggiator built into Massive as there is, for example, in FM8. Like the Stepper, the Performer plays a loop of up to 16 modulation stages, but instead of static values, each step is a curve as in the screen on the first page. Each step can behave like a simple envelope, or you can build up bigger curves covering several steps. Sixteen shapes are available for dropping into any of the stages. Similar to the LFO page, each Performer can contain two separate sequences that you can morph between. Both the Stepper and Performer provide a huge amount of scope for sound design, allowing for evolving, pulsing or strongly rhythmic sounds, as well as complex loops.

A number of the factory presets showcase these features by combining multitrack looped drums and melodies in one patch. If all this is not enough for you, the final output section offers two master effects slots and a final-stage EQ.

Native Instruments Massive 1.5.1

The effects include delays and reverbs, as well as the expected choruses, flangers and phasers. I was pleased to see that the chorus comes in mono as well as stereo versions, giving you a less CPU-hungry method of thickening the sound than the true unison. Similarly, the Dimension Expander spreads the sound into stereo with some subtle chorus and reflections. Finally there are three tube-emulation effects for adding a bit of warmth or distortion.

Surprisingly, there are no compressors in the master effects or the inserts. Given how feature-rich the rest of the instrument is, I'm inclined to think this is by design rather than an omission. The filters have to compress pretty hard to deal with the internal feedback routing, but I'd still like to see some final-stage compression. Of all the upgraded plug-ins that come with this year's Komplete upgrade, FM8 has had the biggest change, to the point, in fact, where it's practically a new instrument compared to FM7.

The graphical face-lift changes the entire plug-in to white, and everything has moved around to make it an easier instrument to use and program. Like Absynth 4 , the inclusion of the Sound Browser sees the end of the old standard front panel. As with FM7 , the Easy page collects certain important controls that influence what is happening 'under the hood', in a similar way to the new Master Envelope controls on Absynth 4. Kore users will find most of these controls on the two standard FM8 Easy Access pages. FM8 allows you to drop four sounds in the X-Y controller and morph between them.

Four complete FM8 presets can be stored in each corner of the X-Y panel and morphed between by dragging a marker around. It's important to note that this is not loading four patches and crossfading between them, it's actually moving every parameter between the positions they occupy in each patch. Reaktor users will be familiar with how fantastic and unpredictable this can be with just a two-way morph function. There are different ways of utilising the Morph function. One is to load four random patches, then experiment with morphing until you get an entirely new patch to play with.

Alternatively, you can create new sounds that evolve using modulators and envelopes to move the morph position. The X-Y control can also be used as a controller for changing just a few parameters during a performance. For example, you could save different versions of the same patch with the filter and resonance at low and high settings in different corners. One of the nicest ideas is the random factor that can be added to the morph position. By dragging what look like two scroll bars along the x and y axes, you can introduce randomness to the morph position.

This is shown as scattered dots spreading out from the central position marker. Within a few minutes of playing with the morph features I created a couple of sounds that were more interesting than anything I ever got out of FM7. Another key enhancement compared to FM7 is a comprehensive effects section. FM7 had only a delay effect, while FM8 has a dedicated effects 'rack' with 12 modules that can be added and used simultaneously.

Effects configurations can be stored and recalled, and there's a generous list of preset racks. The other new module gained by FM8 is a powerful and comprehensive arpeggiator, with a step pattern editor and template library. FM8 makes it easier to get your hands dirty and program your own sounds.

The Expert pages are all laid out in a more comprehensible fashion, and there's a useful Ops page that displays the FM Matrix along with the key parameters from every operator. It's still a steep learning curve, however, and the morph controller is a much more fun way of generating new sounds.

Anyway, the Browser makes a huge number of sounds instantly accessible. FM7 sounds loaded into FM8 sound better and clearer than they did before. A new High Resolution setting also gives the sound quality a noticeable boost, by using higher internal sample rates at various stages. By this point you'll see that Massive earns its name in terms of the scope of its sound generation, routing, and modulation abilities, but what about the sound itself?

What we know is that NI decided to prioritise audio quality over CPU efficiency, and run everything at high sample rates. Like MP3s compared to CDs, virtual instruments are usually a compromise, with any corner that can be cut being cut. So how much difference does Massive 's uncompromising approach make? I won't keep you hanging, Massive sounds good. Really good. Just flicking through the presets to the stand-out sounds the preset library varies a lot in quality reveals a clarity and depth you just aren't used to hearing from a soft synth.

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