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Worse, when users run Apple's Software Update program, and roughly comparable to Windows 7's percentage of the overall PC market, but.

Fixed issue with connections not showing correct status. Added descriptive reason for address book request. Message Window: Fixed issue with incorrect emoji button drawing. Certain media based policies may be incorrectly enforced.

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Blast Messaging: Blast message window may incorrectly show empty on initial load. Recreating the same blast message window twice may lead to crash. Support for media uploads with blast messages. Messages do not send correctly in a blast message window. On disconnect, top header may have incorrect text and not disappear. Media may not download correctly if authentication is enabled. Message Windows: Fix for auto-hide docking sometimes blocking Mission Control gestures under Lion. Fixed autohide jumping issue. Performance improved when Group by Service is selected.

Crash when Group by Service is selected fixed.

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Clicking on an alert no longer erroneously focuses contactlist. Use Growl to configure notifications when possible. Use built-in notifications when Growl isn't installed. Allow drag and drop of multiple files to be ZIP'd and sent. Some error states should be more clearly elaborated on file transfer failure now.

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Trillian now requires an Intel processor and Snow Leopard or later. History is available from menus and via Command-Shift-H hotkey. We are hard at work on new features, but in the meantime are releasing a large batch of bugfixes. Check out the full list below and enjoy the build! Add delay when showing contact list when autohidden. Autohide breaks Lion swiping between screens. Clicking dock does not show the contact list in certain situations. Deleting an item in a search result does not update the search results. Docking fixes under Spaces.

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Fix autohidden contact list getting stuck under Spaces. Fix flickers in contact list and various sheets. Fix visual issues on empty display name. List can be 'sucked' off screen when dragging around in autohide. Search by medium. Support Spotify for 'Current Music'. Can save an image with right-click from in conversation. Conversation action gap can become 'stuck'. Conversation action pane no longer flickers. Fix drag and drop of an image leaking file handle.

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Fix for 'frozen grey window' issue. Show pending actions as status line in chat tabs. Synched windows can be hidden by default. Fixed issue where tabs 'jump' back to the initially-selected tab when window loses focus.


Fixed issues saving connection-specific proxy settings. Improved setting of connection-specific preferences when connected on more than one machine. Added proxy override sheet to login window. Allow manually-written changes to preferences file to have port as an int instead of a string. Don't barf on password being set without username in proxy settings.

Autocomplete not working on Lion. Autocomplete results showing: Fix for 'frozen' timelines. Incorrect character remaining count after inserting a pic. Pasting URLs and images in works properly on Twitter. Follow This App Developer website: Cerulean Studios, LLC.

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