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Worse, when users run Apple's Software Update program, and roughly comparable to Windows 7's percentage of the overall PC market, but.

Was a little concerned with buying this product based on people having bad experiences with the HP auto order ink thing. Turns out you absolutely do not have to deal with that. I just plugged the printer in, connected it to my wifi, and then selected it to be my printer from Windows 10 and it's worked with no problem, never once hassling me about ordering ink. My guess is the issue other people are experiencing comes from installing the HP software which doesn't appear to be necessary.

I can also print from my phone with no problem. I'd recommend this product. I was really excited to get this printer up and running. Perfect for a home office, where I put anywhere from hours of work in a week. None of which are the case. Then you have to reset the damn thing. I needed a printer. I sooooo needed a simple printer that just prints out what's on the screen. Is that too much to ask? Well, apparently it is!

I bought a printer at an office supply store yes, the big one that starts with the letter 'S' and it was a DUD. The roller didn't roll. In what universe does that make any sense? Well, I got my money back and not buying from that retailer again. My present-day needs are simple; just print the freakin' page. Not part of the page, the whole page without inky mess, roller problems, paper jams, and so on and so on. Printer, pure and simple with no bells or whistles. I found this one online.

Reviews looked good.

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I thought, "Why not? I'm very happy with this purchase. I don't miss printing color at all nor do I miss the cost associated with inkjet printers. For the cost it's hard to beat. I have a couple of caveats: This is definitely not a high quality printer. It also struggles to print small text.

Reviews of 10 Apple Compatible Printers

I like to print text two to a page, but I can't do that with this printer because the text is too fuzzy. I've had intermittent, problems with the wireless printing. It seems to go into a deep sleep after a few days, and I have to go an manually wake it up. This is no big deal, but then once you wake it up it takes several minutes to re-establish a connection with a computer, and when this occurs it doesn't work to plug in via a USB port Perfect for a simple home printer.

My kids constantly ask me to print pictures for them to color, or I have to print black and white documents. It does the job! And it was soooo easy to set up. I've had this printer only 2 days but like it very much. The six individual ink systems, including a Photo Blue ink tank, results in vibrant photos that can be customized with filters using the 5. To accommodate your on-the-go lifestyle, you can print from your smartphone or tablet using Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi allows you to print from any room in the house.

Featuring front and rear paper feeding capabilities, the printer has an auto-expandable output tray and can even print directly onto inkjet printable discs to create gifts or commemorate special moments. The compact, two-tone printer is available in three colors, including gray, gold, and red. We bought five top-rated photo printers and our reviewers tested them for 25 hours. We asked our testers to consider the most important features when using these photo printers, from their photo quality to their size. We've outlined them here so that you, too, know what to look for when shopping.

While all claim to produce excellent color accuracy and detail, some are still better than others. Look for a printer that uses dye ink over pigment ink to ensure crisp and vibrant colors.

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Photo format - Planning to print out your favorite Instagram photos? But if you want to print photos larger than the 4-byinch standard, you should look for a wide format printer, most of which can print out pictures up to 13 by 19 inches. Portable and mini printer options can be as small as an iPhone, but larger professional and wide-format models can demand up to 17 x 27 x 12 inches of space.

Thankfully, this printer makes up for its big footprint by producing great prints. She was never able to discover what was causing the issue. Our reviewers noted that you need a CD drive to set up this printer quickly. One of our testers mentioned that it took her 30 to 40 minutes to finish the setup process.

Other highlights, according to our reviewers, include its wireless capabilities and the fact it can print borderless images. The negatives? Our testers thought that the initial setup process was slow and unintuitive in places.

Overall, though, the photo quality won our reviewers over. The printer also received very high marks for how easy it was to set up. It simply worked after a modest setup time.

Canon - SELPHY CP1200 Wireless Photo Printer for DIY Photo Booth!

I'd feel confident recommending this to a family member, knowing full well they would endlessly harass me if they had any questions. Our testers were impressed with the quality of the photos from this printer. A real win with this printer. The Epson PictureMate PM also gives you the convenience to print from an app on your device, which our testers loved. All of my photos are stored on my current phone — like those of us who use their phones as their only camera — so it's simple, easy access to my entire selection of photos.

For such a low price, the HP Envy surprisingly delivers on everything it promises. Our testers noted the good print quality and small footprint as reasons to buy. You can have it sitting in a corner plugged into an outlet with no issues. Our reviewers cited only the small touchscreen as one thing they wished they could change. One person said he accidentally pressed the wrong command a few times because of the size. Share Pin Email.

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Effective 1, x 1, Paper sizes: If you're serious about printing from your Mac, and you need to make a lot of copies, then the MW is one of the best laser printers money can buy. It features NFC printing from compatible smartphones, online document sharing, and a clever Eco system that supplements the usual toner saving mode with a feature to remove images from documents by replacing bitmaps with sketches. Factor in claimed speeds of 20ppm, a clever scan to mobile feature and an effective print resolution of up to dpi and you've got a multifunction printer that's well worth considering.

Best of all, it's pretty affordable compared to other laser printers of its ilk. ISO 15ppm black, 10ppm colour Print resolution: If you're looking for a great all-round printer which doesn't skimp on print quality then the PIXMA TS , Canon's flagship printer, is the printer for you. It's an expensive product, but considering the sheer quality of its printouts, it's well worth the cash if you use your Mac for photo editing and digital art.

It also has an attractive design that will appeal to many people who admire Apple's aesthetics. While the looks of your printer may not seem that important, it does mean you don't feel the need to try and hide it away out of sight if you're using it at home alongside your iMac or HomePod. It strikes a very good balance between print quality and price, as it's cheaper than many other laser printers.

It can also scan and photo copy, and it's pretty fast as well when it comes to printouts. If you're looking for an affordable laser printer and all-in-one, then this is a great choice for your Mac.